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Future Proofing Social Impact.

Empowering communities through cutting-edge technology and innovation to create sustainable solutions.

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About us.

A global network of changemakers.

At Rain Barrel Labs, headquartered in Cairns, Australia, we specialise in social impact communication and tech for good. With over 30 years of experience, our team reaches and engages underserved communities worldwide, co-creative tech-driven solutions in support of the SDGs. Leveraging the Queensland AI Hub’s expertise, we design and deploy innovative digital tools and solutions for social impact. 


Our mission is to maximize Australia's contribution to local and global initiatives, developing best in class initiatives like a top-tier super app for parenting support and financial inclusion to ensure lasting change for women, caregivers, and children everywhere.

Our services.


1. Social and behaviour change

Every individual and community is unique. Using the latest technology, we conduct in-depth research to understand social norms and behaviours within communities. This informs our strategies and campaigns that drive lasting social change


2. Tech for social impact

We believe technology can scale solutions for positive, sustainable change. Leveraging blockchain, AI, and UX design, we deliver intuitive and user-friendly solutions.


3. Parenting Services

Parents need support to help their children thrive. We partner with trusted providers of parenting education and services, and use technology to make quality parenting support available globally, and to enable the financial inclusion of resource poor communities. Our initiatives empower parents to learn, earn and practice positive parenting.

Our partners.

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